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Rex Plastic Surgery

Line correction (double-eyelid surgery)

Eyes are the part where the other people give the first seeing and the person with big eyes give beautiful and clear impression. On the other side, the person with small eyes gives sleepy and stuffy impression. We choose the surgery method by considering skin’s thickness, subcutaneous fat, epicanthic fold eyes, eyes sagging, or the condition of eyes and there are buried suture method, buried suture method, and partial buried suture method, etc.

As Each method has an advantage by the condition of the eyes or the standard of recovering period after surgery, the patient needs to have enough examination and consulting to choose right method for individual.

Buried suture method

Buried suture method does not cut the skin, makes a knot on the eyelid and makes natural double-eyelid line.

Recommending Buried suture method for those people!
  • 01The eyelid does not have much fat and have elasticity that it does not droop
  • 02The person who wants fast recovery after the surgery
  • 03The person who has double-eyelid for one side of eye or needs reoperation because the existing knot comes untied
  • 04The person who has double-eyelid for one side or it comes and gets away

Incision method

Incision method cuts for sagging eyelid, muscle, the layer of fat, etc. and makes bright and clear double-eyelid line.

Recommending Incision method for those people!
  • 01Want certain surgery result because the eye’s skin and muscle are thick
  • 02Have much fat on the eyes and the eyelid is sagging that gives stuffy eyes looking
  • 03Want double-eyelid reoperation for clearer line
Method for Incision method surgery
Incision method is cutting the skin by following the design line for making the double-eyelid and connects the skin and the eyelid muscle to make the double-eyelid. It can apply to various ways; therefore, it is possible to make the double-eyelid that fits well for individual. The advantage is that it can make the suitable double-eyelid for individual, but the little edema or scar will remain after the surgery.

Rex eye surgery feature

  • Fast recovering time
  • Minimize the surgical scars and swelling
  • Customer design by considering the face line
  • Natural and clear big eyes
  • Ideal eyes that fits well for individual
Cautions after eye surgery
  • - Keeping your upper body high and raise your head while you sleep after the surgery for swelling will fall out fast.
  • - Put the gauze on the surgical site and apply ice pack frequently to prevent bruising or swelling.
  • - Apply the ice pack only for 2 days (48 hours) after the surgery, and never again.
  • - Do not apply the ice pack while lying down; you should raise the upper body as 45 degrees.
  • - Do not be surprised when It swells 2~3 days after the surgery.
  • - Subtle swelling might last for few months according to individual differences.
  • - Apply a thin layer of ointment for 3~4 times a day with a clean cotton bud.
  • - If there is itching symptom after applying the ointment, then stop applying it.
  • - Apply artificial tears frequently because the inside part of the eyes can be dry or stiff for temporarily.
  • - You had better wear contact lens within 2-3 weeks by following the doctor’s order.
  • - It is better to have a makeup after 1-2 weeks and do not rub strongly on the surgical site.
  • - For the case of buried suture method, it doesn’t need to remove the stiches, therefore water cleansing is possible after 2~3 days.
  • - For the case of incision method, cleansing is possible the day after the surgery.
  • - Shower is okay, but better to go Sauna and Korean dry sauna after 4 weeks.
  • - The left and right side might look different right after the surgery, but it is the difference of swelling, therefore, takes care of it with relaxing mind.
  • - Do not remove the tape by yourself. If the tape inevitable falls, then apply a thin layer of ointment on the surgical site for 3-4.
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1 It's the most accurate to consult with the doctor who will do the surgery for you.

2 The doctor whom you consulted with will be the best.

3 It works the best when the doctor who did the surgery does the post management.

General Plastic Surgery
  • ▶ Consult = Secretary
  • ▶ Surgery = Doctor
  • ▶ Post management = Nurse
Rex Plastic Surgery
  • ▶ Consult = Doctor
  • ▶ Surgery = Doctor
  • ▶ Post management = Doctor

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